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Ngày tạo: 14-06-2017

 Telepathic group celebrates anniversary

 (by Huong Ly)
To celebrate the 1,000th anniversary of capital Ha Noi, a lot of different activities have been set up and carefully prepared. For the occasion, the Radiesthesia Club, the research institute for architectural feng shui radiesthesia, will produce a performance called "1,000 magnetic people", which will showcase the strength and resilience of the Vietnamese people. In this act, 1,000 members of the Radiesthesia Club will perform onstage with different types of objects stuck on their bodies.
Magnetic fields:The Radiesthesia Club's members attract different types of objects onto their bodies.- FilePhoto
 Mr . Nguyen Ngoc Son 
While some people might find this performance to be strange, Nguyen Ngoc Son, who is the Director of the Research Institute for architectural feng shui radiesthesia, said that people are used to assembling their internal energy to attract one or more objects to their bodies. This is a frequent activity in his club's radiesthesia courses, so the club members will be able to execute the performance.
Radiesthesia is the science of utilising the vibrational fields of the human body to access information about other objects by establishing resonance with their energy fields and using calibrated instruments to decode this information.
Upon a first visit to the club, a newcomer might be surprised and also excited to watch dozens of club members, who are both young and old, trying to attract different kinds of objects onto their bodies.
Club members are able to attract metallic objects such as electric irons, spoons or forks and even non-metallic ones like bananas or porcelain. They are also able to make these items stick to their skin, as well.
Son explains that like anything else, people send out energy fields with different levels of strength. "If we know how to arouse this energy in our bodies then with active practice, we can increase our own energy," he says. Most students after only 24 lessons of learning and practising with instructors are able to perform this magical skill. The longer and more ardently a person practises, then the stronger their energy field will be. Once the biological-electric current is utilised, the practitioner of this art will be able to control and use this energy to treat a number of diseases, which other people or they themselves are suffering from. 
Graduating from the Faculty of Radiesthesia at Poznan University of Medical Sciences, Son is the first Vietnamese professional at the Radiesthesia in Poland. At the invitation of the Ministry of Science and Technology, he returned to Viet Nam in order to use this new science to aid the lives of the people in his homeland. In October 2008, along with Son's zealous contributions, the Viet Nam Union of Science and Technology Association in co-ordination with the Science Technology Union for Informatics Applications (UIA) established the Research Institute for Architectural Feng Shui Radiesthesia. Son was appointed as the institute's Minister.
After one year in operation, the institute focuses on training and propagating scientific knowledge about architectural feng shui and radiesthesia. They also conduct experimental research and hold domestic and international conferences. The institute holds radiesthesia courses that attract students from across the country and successfully train them to control and take advantage of their own energy.
These courses provide trainees with the ability to control their own energy and improve their own personal health.
"Attracting objects onto an individual's body is a way to show that the energy can be utilised outside of one's own body," Son says.
During his eight years studying and researching in Poland, Son noted that professionals, who practise in this field, have to ask for permission from the Supreme Court and are responsible before the law. This fact made Son confident that Radiesthesia is a legitimate medical field.
Son is able to carry objects weighing up to 35kg, while the best practitioners in Poland are only able to carry 16kg.
"After my time in Poland, I taught a radiesthesia course in America, and I discovered that none of the students there were up to my ability. So when I saw that many Vietnamese people attending our courses were really interested and also able to perform difficult tasks, I asked myself why we wouldn't want to show off our abilities to the rest of the world.
"I hope this performance will not only introduce a new method of how to improve health, but will also prove to the world that Vietnamese people are capable of doing one of the most unique and difficult performances in the world," says Son.
When asked if the performance might be considered a way of advertising for the institute and its courses, Son affirms that all the members that study at the club do so on a voluntary basis to free their minds, relax and improve their health.
"After achieving positive results from the lessons, the trainees introduce the classes to their relatives and friends. We have successfully held 34 radiesthesia courses that have been attended by more than 800 members. So gathering 1,000 people for the official performance will not be a problem at all for us," Son adds.
Son, together with other professors and doctors who work at his institute, has registered with the Board of Organisers for the anniversary and asked for permission from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. They are now waiting for its feedback, which may come this March.
Son is confident and believes that the performance will receive support from the authorities and from the people. "This is also a good way to promote Viet Nam's image to the world - the Vietnamese people can do what people in other countries can not do yet," says Son.
Cao Van Giao, 66 years old, a retired teacher from the University of Transportation and Communications, attended the 17th course at the Radiesthesia Club. Giao says that after only a few months of taking part in the class and practising hard at home, his health and working capacity have improved. Moreover, during a business trip to HCM City, he helped cure several patients with diseases that did not respond quickly enough to western medicine.
Giao says that he is always willing to be part of the special performance held by the Institute because "it will be an honour for not only my teacher Son and the Institute, but also for me and every member of the club".
"More meaningfully, the performance of 1,000 people of all ages may encourage older people like me to participate in social activities. This will make them confident that old people are still able to do magical things," says Giao.
Son and Giao, along with their club members, are now preparing for the performance. They are expanding the courses to neighbouring provinces in order to gather more people. They will also begin designing the costumes for the performance once the act is green lighted by the authorities. — VNS
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